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Extension Care Guide

A place for you to get all the tips and 

tricks to care for your extensions

Brush multiple times a day to ensure extensions stay detangled. With your free hand keep pressure on the base of your extensions to eliminate unnecessary tension and pulling while you brush. 

Use products that are approved by me only. In your gift bag you got a travel size of all approved products. I recommend using Oi oil/Goldie Locks Serum at least 2 times per day on your mid-strands to ends.

Always use sulfate(salts)/paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Use a leave-in conditioner and treat with a deep conditioner once a week. I recommend Goldie Locks Line for all of your hair care needs, but these are some other acceptable choices Davines Oi, Heart of Glass or Natural Tech Nourishing lines. For curly hair I recommend all of the above as well as the Davines Essentials Love curl line.  If applying heat always use a heat protectant. Remember, I do not guarantee the longevity of the hair if you are not using the recommended products above.

At night always brush and wear hair in braids or a top knot to ensure hair does not matte during sleep. I also recommend getting a silk pillow case.

Avoid getting hair wet while swimming in chlorinated water, ocean, lakes and rivers. Wear your hair up in a tight pony tail and braid the ends and put up in a bun. If you can not avoid getting your hair wet, rinse with tap water prior to getting it wet, style as recommended above and make sure to comb wash and deep condition immediately after. 

When washing your hair make sure to separate top and bottom row and scrub with your fingers along the top and bottom of the weft line to break up any product build up.

Make sure you are blow drying the top of your row after washing or when you have been sweating a lot. Moisture left on the top of the row can cause swelling and looping of the weft hair. If the wefts start looping the will need to be replaced at your next move up.

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