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Hey Friends! Welcome to my chair. I'm Crystal, I have been proudly serving the Grants Pass community since 2005.

As a mom of three boys, I know how precious self-care time is. I curated my salon experience to leave you feeling relaxed, understood and more confident then you've ever felt before.

I have been behind the chair for 15+ years and love my clients and my artistry more then ever. I specialize in Invisible Bead Extensions®️, rich brunettes, reds, and advanced color teqniques. I take pride in the fact that I travel for advanced extensions and advanced color techniques at least twice a year.


What most stylists offer is a great first consultation and maintenance plan, but I like to shake things up. I work with my clients to create a long-term plan to achieve their hair goals that is personalized for them. I check in regularly to ensure that you are never feeling bored or stuck in a routine.

When I am not in the salon, you will find me with the wind in my hair riding on a motorcycle with my husband or spending time outdoors with my boys riding bikes, skateboards or roller skating. I have all of the tips to keep your hair healthy and looking great no matter the activity.

Click here to check out my service menu or begin your digital consultation. Email me at if you have any questions.

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