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Ready to feel confident and love your hair everyday?

I'll guide you through the digital booking process, new client service options, and pricing so your first visit will be effortless.

bronde hair
Bronde hair
bronde hair
But by...
Committing to a hairstylist that has built their business and techniques around low maintenance rich and long lasting color and extensions, you'll be in the hands of someone who has the solutions to all the things holding you back from loving your hair all the time.

You want to love your hair but maybe...

  • You have fine hair or struggle with hair loss/thinning and have been told that you are not a good fit for extensions.

  • You want to LOVE your brunette or Red hair but are tired of the color looking dull or flat.

  • You've tried "balayage" or "lived-in" color before, but it wasn't what you were envisioning.

  • You don't want to be in the salon every 4 to 6 weeks for color.

  • You've tried other types of extensions, but you didn't get the results you were hoping for.

  • You've had extensions before, but they caused damage to your natural hair and were uncomfortable.

  • You don't know how to style your hair to fit your busy lifestyle or have a hard time recreating the look at home.

  • You don't have a stylist who makes you feel listened to and understood.

Congratulations on investing in yourself, your journey to healthy hair is about to begin!
Invisible Bead Extensions
working on a client
installing extensions

1. Discover


2. Connect

Get to know me, my skills, my business, and how I can serve you.

3. Tell me more

Fill out a quick questionnaire, so that I can be better prepared for your consultation. 

woman on computer
showing off your new look

4. Consultation

You will arrive feeling confident and relaxed and walk away feeling like your best self.

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